Monday, May 31, 2010

Keepin' It Clean

So, I hate to clean. HATE it. It is a pointless waste of time. Case in point... I vacuum up the dog hair, and the minute a dog walks by - dog hair all over the place again. See? Pointless.

Ironically, I love a clean house. Few things give me such a sense of peace as a nice clean house. I love my house when it is clean; the couches free of dog hair, the floors free of mystery stains, the sink visible because the dishes are actually in the dishwasher. When my house is clean, I want to entertain, have parties and invite the world over for a marg.

Too bad that wonderful feeling lasts usually a grand total of 45 seconds. Why oh why can't my house stay clean? I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out this mystery. Granted, if I dedicated that same amount of time to actually cleaning as opposed to sitting and wondering, this whole question would probably be moot.

So, why can't my house stay clean? Well, I live with slobs. And I am queen slob. They say parents should lead by example; and my example is pretty poor. I am constantly harping on my kids to put their clothes in the hamper and their shoes away at the end of the day. Yet who is always all "Where is my green shirt?" and "Where are my black crocs?" every single morning? That would be me. Perhaps if I put my clothes in the hamper and my shoes away at the end of the day I would have them the next day or when I needed them.

I am also always all over my kids to put their dishes in the dishwasher when they are done. I am so tired of dishes being left all over the house. Yesterday, as I was loading the dishwasher, I walked around the house gathering all the miscellaneous cups, bowls and plates that my kids think it is just fine to leave anywhere - despite the house rule of "No Eating Anywhere but in the Kitchen". As I am about to blow my top, I realize that the armful of dishes I am carrying back to the kitchen are all mine. Dishes that I had left all over the place. And I wonder why my kids do it? In hindsight, I am the worst offender here.

So, I am a terrible example, yet I expect my kids to want to keep the house clean. Because I like a clean house. How do I make the house stay clean?

Magic? I have tried that - totally doesn't work.

Hire someone? Tried that as well; it is expensive and, they never do an adequate job. Funny, that I can be all judgemental about a professional house cleaner when I suck at the job.

Stay on top of it and do it myself? Ugh. But I am attempting this strategy; trying to straighten the house every morning, giving my kids a good example. Especially when I am expecting them to join in on the whole straighten the house every morning plan. Can you imagine their enthusiasm when I inform them?

I can hardly wait! Now I have to go put my coffee cup in the dishwasher instead of just leave it here next to the computer.


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