Thursday, June 26, 2008

High School Musical - On Stage!

So, the kids and I went to see "High School Musical - On Stage" tonight. I am not a fan of this Disney all. To be fair, I have never seen it one of the billion times it has been on TV, but my kids, particularly Kellan, are gaga over it. Abby and Grace love it as well. Through the three of them, I have been exposed to the music, the characters, and the merchandising. And, blegh. I can honestly say I was not looking forward to this event.

We make plans with Abby and Margie (Abby's mom) to go out to dinner before the play, and make a real night of it. I even wore a dress - which for me, is really weird. Kellan and Sawyer dressed up as well; Rhys - not so much.

We ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger - a fun little place, and then it was off to the play. In typical Marin style, we ran late, couldn't find a parking space and then had to run full speed to the venue. We sat down just as the lights went down.

The production was great. I enjoy plays, so just the theatre experience is fun for me. But the absolutely best part of this play was watching my kids' reactions to it. Sawyer went in with much the same attitude as me; plus, at 13, she is far too cool for High School Musical. But she laughed, sang, clapped along, and was totally immersed in the play. Kellan, this being her second time, was completely entranced, while Rhys ran a running commentary to me about whatever was happening on stage ("if my friends made fun of me for wanting to sing instead of play basketball, I would tell them that well organized people can do both") in between songs he belted out at the top of his lungs.

My kids all assured me that the play was MUCH better than the movie, but I have to say, I might actually try to catch it next time it comes on TV. There was a little bit of magic in the air tonight - the fact that the three of my kids are still up and talking about it while sitting together on Sawyer's bed has led me to believe that there just might be something to this phenomenon. Or maybe, I have finally been exposed to its subliminal message and now I am under Disney's control.

So, off to buy a Gabriella doll!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Do I Have No Time?

This is a question that I have pondering a lot lately...I mean, I don't work full time, I don't have any young children that need constant attention (except on the days I babysit), I don't clean house, I don't exercise, it is summer - my kids aren't involved in a kajillion activities, but time.

(Hmmm...I do spend an awful lot of time doing what I am doing right now, sitting in front of the that where all my time goes? No, couldn't be...).

We are into the second week of summer, and, hmmm, what have I accomplished on my to do list? Well, let me see, um, nothing. Yet I have been busy everyday. Doing what? No idea.

Ok, I have been putting in some time at the preschool, which I swear, is like a time vacuum. I love the place, and if I let myself, I could be there 24 hours a day. We are currently remodeling, and I have been moving furniture (me, and two of my girlfriends moved a bank of 7 file cabinets no less than 6 times the other night - does that count as a workout?) I dragged all the kids there over the weekend - and they all got some life lessons. Kellan learned how to use a drill to remove hardware from the walls, Sawyer learned how to spackle the holes left behind, Rhys learned how to check expiration dates on food, Grace learned how to empty a cupboard into boxes, move the boxes into a different room, and then put the stuff back in the cupboards in an organized fashion, and Cooper played ball in an empty classroom.

Currently, the other teachers and I are painting murals for our summer program that is coming up in two weeks. More time suckage.

I posted earlier that I would count myself lucky if I removed that cobweb that is on my bedroom ceiling. Well, I think the spider is subletting, because I see an addition being added, and a little tiny "For Rent" sign hanging up there. Now, I will feel bad if I clean it.

On an up note, my very industrious husband and incredible father-in-law have been making amazing progress on that middle bathroom - it is almost ready for tile!! Yeah!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rainbow Order

Today was Rhys's day to do the dishes. More often than not, he approaches this chore with great enthusiasm. He loves making lots of bubbles with the dish soap, and figuring out the best way to get the most dishes in the dishwasher. And you can always tell when Rhys has done the dishes, because he stacks our plates in Rainbow Order.

Time to Grow the Hair...

This past Saturday, I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert. I am no real Kenny Chesney fan, the only reason I went is because my good friend Jeanette asked me to. One of Kenny's opening acts was Sammy Hagar, who is Jeanette's Def Leppard. You see, we have a pact - Jeanette comes to Def Leppard with me, and I go to Sammy Hagar with her, and a fun time is had by all.

The concert was at the University of Phoenix stadium (the Cardinal stadium) - that place is HUGE!! I don't think I have ever been to concert that big. Had no idea Mr. Chesney was such a big deal, what with my musical tastes so firmly planted in the 80's and with Australian children's music groups. But, wow! Soooo many people.

Through some underhanded scheming by a friend of ours, we got to see Sammy Hagar from the floor. As usual, he was awesome. After his set, Jeanette and I made our way back to our seats after getting some more beer and some munchies. She and I were sitting there, having a good time, when suddenly a lady tapped Jeanette on the back and asked,

"Are you two sisters?"

"No," we replied.

"Are you married" was the next question. Jeanette flashes her wedding ring and says, "Oh, yes."

At which point the lady asked, "To each other?"

I don't think I have laughed that hard in years. I think I missed Keith Urban singing about four songs.

Jeanette, who has always had short hair, says to me, "Marin, it's the hair, I get this all the time"

It was at that moment I decided that it was time to grow out my hair again.

A cute couple? (Jeanette and I at the 3-day last November)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Nanny Poppins

The musical production this year at Pima was "The Nanny Poppins", their version of "Mary Poppins". Not sure why the name change. Anyways...I am always amazed at these productions. They are put on by the Pima Singers, a group of 4th, 5th and 6th graders who choose to spend several afternoons a week to practice for these performances. It is a large group of kids, about 60 or so, boys and girls, who practice their little hearts out for months. The music teacher, I have decided, is a saint. In my thank you note to her this year, I said that I am so burnt out at the end of the year that simply getting my students say the Pledge is an exercise in self control. Yet, this woman teaches first through sixth graders all day long then puts on a musical after school hours. I sincerely hope she is in Rocky Point right now, sipping a margarita. The coolest thing about watching these productions is watching how much fun the kids are having. They all love being up on stage, performing. And their teacher has helped them discover that joy. So very cool.

Here are some not so great video clips of Kellan, performing. Being the poorly prepared mom, my camera ran out of batteries before her solo.

Kellan is on the left hand side on the end...

Kellan is right in the middle...

Kellan is on the left, in the back...

These little snippets do not do the production justice. It was elaborate, with several scene changes and several costume changes. The kids were responsible for getting their own costumes together, and each one put hours of thought into what their custumes should be. The picture at the top is Kellan in her nanny costume - all items found by her in a thrift store.

Grace Rides her Bike!

Grace is one determined little girl. A few weeks ago, she watched Rhys finally figure out how to ride his bike, and decided that she was going to learn as well. I took her to the park in the grassy area where I taught Rhys (when you fall in the grass, it doesn't hurt near as much when you fall on asphalt) a few times, and then my schedule, as well as hers got a little busy. We hadn't worked on the bike riding at all lately. So, this weekend, she is over and she watches as her cousins all take off on a bike ride. She gets this look of determination on her face, finds her helmet, pulls out her bike, and goes to work. She stubbornly tried over and over and over, picking herself up spill after nasty spill, never giving up. She was going to join her cousins on bike rides, no matter what. And today...she got it!!

Tomorrow, Abby is bringing her bike. She too wants to join in the bike riding fun.