Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Diving Meet

Ok, so I haven't written in awhile. A LONG while. For the two or three of you who follow this blog, my sincerest apologies. I have a ton of stuff I want to post, but I am simply going to start with the most recent, and work my way through everything I want to share.

So, this past Tuesday, Abby and Grace had a Diving Meet. This summer, they, along with their good friend Blayke, are doing the Swim Team and the Diving Team. There is an awful lot of work associated with these teams, and the few practices I have attended, I feel like I need to nap from just watching them. The swimming is endless laps back and forth across the pool, the diving is endless jumps and flips that look way scary from where I sit. But the girls are always excited and exhilerated after the practices, as well as incredibly hungry.

The first week was tough, and there were tears and vows to quit. Until they realized that they get ribbons at the meets. And who doesn't love ribbons? And after that first week, all the benefits of being involved in team sports started to show. They were making new friends, and gaining physical strength. And they try so hard. I know that I wouldn't have the stamina to keep going, so I am blown away that these three little girls are sticking it out and having a great time to boot.

Here they all are diving and jumping at the meet....

Abby, Front Jump Tuck

Grace, Front Fall In Free

Blayke, Front Fall in Free

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Abby's mom said...

You caught it perfectly Marin how these girls inspire us with their openess to be challenged. Where they place in the race doesn't matter. It's the COLOR of the ribbon that matters. Pink is popular....that's like 8th place, I think.