Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grace Rides her Bike!

Grace is one determined little girl. A few weeks ago, she watched Rhys finally figure out how to ride his bike, and decided that she was going to learn as well. I took her to the park in the grassy area where I taught Rhys (when you fall in the grass, it doesn't hurt near as much when you fall on asphalt) a few times, and then my schedule, as well as hers got a little busy. We hadn't worked on the bike riding at all lately. So, this weekend, she is over and she watches as her cousins all take off on a bike ride. She gets this look of determination on her face, finds her helmet, pulls out her bike, and goes to work. She stubbornly tried over and over and over, picking herself up spill after nasty spill, never giving up. She was going to join her cousins on bike rides, no matter what. And today...she got it!!

Tomorrow, Abby is bringing her bike. She too wants to join in the bike riding fun.

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