Thursday, June 26, 2008

High School Musical - On Stage!

So, the kids and I went to see "High School Musical - On Stage" tonight. I am not a fan of this Disney all. To be fair, I have never seen it one of the billion times it has been on TV, but my kids, particularly Kellan, are gaga over it. Abby and Grace love it as well. Through the three of them, I have been exposed to the music, the characters, and the merchandising. And, blegh. I can honestly say I was not looking forward to this event.

We make plans with Abby and Margie (Abby's mom) to go out to dinner before the play, and make a real night of it. I even wore a dress - which for me, is really weird. Kellan and Sawyer dressed up as well; Rhys - not so much.

We ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger - a fun little place, and then it was off to the play. In typical Marin style, we ran late, couldn't find a parking space and then had to run full speed to the venue. We sat down just as the lights went down.

The production was great. I enjoy plays, so just the theatre experience is fun for me. But the absolutely best part of this play was watching my kids' reactions to it. Sawyer went in with much the same attitude as me; plus, at 13, she is far too cool for High School Musical. But she laughed, sang, clapped along, and was totally immersed in the play. Kellan, this being her second time, was completely entranced, while Rhys ran a running commentary to me about whatever was happening on stage ("if my friends made fun of me for wanting to sing instead of play basketball, I would tell them that well organized people can do both") in between songs he belted out at the top of his lungs.

My kids all assured me that the play was MUCH better than the movie, but I have to say, I might actually try to catch it next time it comes on TV. There was a little bit of magic in the air tonight - the fact that the three of my kids are still up and talking about it while sitting together on Sawyer's bed has led me to believe that there just might be something to this phenomenon. Or maybe, I have finally been exposed to its subliminal message and now I am under Disney's control.

So, off to buy a Gabriella doll!!!

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