Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time to Grow the Hair...

This past Saturday, I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert. I am no real Kenny Chesney fan, the only reason I went is because my good friend Jeanette asked me to. One of Kenny's opening acts was Sammy Hagar, who is Jeanette's Def Leppard. You see, we have a pact - Jeanette comes to Def Leppard with me, and I go to Sammy Hagar with her, and a fun time is had by all.

The concert was at the University of Phoenix stadium (the Cardinal stadium) - that place is HUGE!! I don't think I have ever been to concert that big. Had no idea Mr. Chesney was such a big deal, what with my musical tastes so firmly planted in the 80's and with Australian children's music groups. But, wow! Soooo many people.

Through some underhanded scheming by a friend of ours, we got to see Sammy Hagar from the floor. As usual, he was awesome. After his set, Jeanette and I made our way back to our seats after getting some more beer and some munchies. She and I were sitting there, having a good time, when suddenly a lady tapped Jeanette on the back and asked,

"Are you two sisters?"

"No," we replied.

"Are you married" was the next question. Jeanette flashes her wedding ring and says, "Oh, yes."

At which point the lady asked, "To each other?"

I don't think I have laughed that hard in years. I think I missed Keith Urban singing about four songs.

Jeanette, who has always had short hair, says to me, "Marin, it's the hair, I get this all the time"

It was at that moment I decided that it was time to grow out my hair again.

A cute couple? (Jeanette and I at the 3-day last November)

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SKRdad2000 said...

This is too funny... Brought me way back... One of my best friends in High School and the first couple of years in College used to have a similar problem. Apparently, he was "pretty" and sent the wrong vibes out somehow. Guys used to try to buy him beers when we'd go to bars. It used to drive him crazy... Most of us just thought it was funny... Heh...