Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Do I Have No Time?

This is a question that I have pondering a lot lately...I mean, I don't work full time, I don't have any young children that need constant attention (except on the days I babysit), I don't clean house, I don't exercise, it is summer - my kids aren't involved in a kajillion activities, but still...no time.

(Hmmm...I do spend an awful lot of time doing what I am doing right now, sitting in front of the computer...is that where all my time goes? No, couldn't be...).

We are into the second week of summer, and, hmmm, what have I accomplished on my to do list? Well, let me see, um, nothing. Yet I have been busy everyday. Doing what? No idea.

Ok, I have been putting in some time at the preschool, which I swear, is like a time vacuum. I love the place, and if I let myself, I could be there 24 hours a day. We are currently remodeling, and I have been moving furniture (me, and two of my girlfriends moved a bank of 7 file cabinets no less than 6 times the other night - does that count as a workout?) I dragged all the kids there over the weekend - and they all got some life lessons. Kellan learned how to use a drill to remove hardware from the walls, Sawyer learned how to spackle the holes left behind, Rhys learned how to check expiration dates on food, Grace learned how to empty a cupboard into boxes, move the boxes into a different room, and then put the stuff back in the cupboards in an organized fashion, and Cooper played ball in an empty classroom.

Currently, the other teachers and I are painting murals for our summer program that is coming up in two weeks. More time suckage.

I posted earlier that I would count myself lucky if I removed that cobweb that is on my bedroom ceiling. Well, I think the spider is subletting, because I see an addition being added, and a little tiny "For Rent" sign hanging up there. Now, I will feel bad if I clean it.

On an up note, my very industrious husband and incredible father-in-law have been making amazing progress on that middle bathroom - it is almost ready for tile!! Yeah!


Amy H said...

Now I know better you have been busy, we did work out! We are working out agian tonight and I will say it again you are looking just FAB!
see ya pool side!

Sue said...

I saw your bathroom the other night. It is looking good!